I own and operate a yoga studio in Auburn, Nebraska and teach a variety of yoga classes including gentle and flow as well as a cardio trampoline rebounding class. My mission is to provide a serene, safe, and welcoming environment for people of all ages, sizes, shapes, and abilities in order to bring greater health, happiness, and well-being into the lives of those in my community.

My calling to become a yoga instructor came after years of working closely with the environment. The Earth has been my greatest teacher of all, and I honor all she has given me through my service as a yoga teacher. Yoga is about energy and movement. Through holding various poses we calm the mind, engage the body, and awaken the spirit. I enjoy practicing all types of yoga and find that a thoughtful balance of all the various styles is a wonderful way to combine peace and fun into my journey as both teacher and student.

Join me for a class! My studio is located in a small community about 75 miles south of Omaha or 60 miles southeast of Lincoln. There is always room, so come drop in for a class sometime! You can also book energy reading sessions with me at my studio if you're up for a little drive. Actually, a yoga class followed by energy work and a peaceful drive home sounds like a perfect opportunity for a little self care. Check out my class offerings in the website link below.

Earth & Owl Yoga

Earth & Owl Yoga Studio ~ Auburn, NE