"Nikki’s intuition and sensitivity to energies is breathtaking to experience. During a very transformative time for myself and my family, Nikki shared with us unprompted insights and communications that were so personal and delicate and impossible to deny. No matter what sort of skepticism was ever planted within me at any point in my life, after my conversations with Nikki, there was no other recourse except for me to fully appreciate and admire her incredible, profound abilities. My interactions with her ranged from messages from loved ones, which she accompanied with such specific information that I was left speechless, to energies surrounding me, to glimpses into potential future paths for my family. Nikki's delivery of the communications is always in a gentle and careful manner. She is truly one of the most sincere, lovely humans I’ve encountered."

female  - age 31

"Nikki's extraordinary psychic abilities have blessed this world in too many ways to count! Her gentle and compassionate presence naturally creates a safe, sacred and inviting environment for cultivating connection. Nikki has translated messages for me embodied with information she could never possibly know without insight from the spiritual realm. Connecting with her was truly an incredibly healing experience and brought so much peace to my being. In addition to helping me revisit and heal old wounds, she also fostered the awakening of my own intuitive nature. Whether you are hoping to connect with a loved one who has passed, explore who you might have been in previous lifetimes, or looking for guidance as you embark on your own psychic journey...connecting with Nikki will be a gift to your life and will surely offer wisdom along your path."

female - age 26

"Energy work with Nikki has changed my outlook on life and is teaching me to discover healing power by looking inside myself, rather than outward. My spirit has found renewal and hopefulness in this work. It is helping me think more clearly about the nourishment my body needs, the power of my thoughts, how the flow of energy effects everything, and how severely destructive stress, anxiety and self-doubt can be. I am finding new confidence and feeling healthier with every one of our visits. Nikki's insights, thoughtfulness, and deep commitment to her practice have helped me cleanse and have laid the foundation for a more mindful and holistic way of life. I'm grateful for the experience!"

female - age 38

"I have been very impressed with both the actual experience of the sessions - warm, safe, loving - and the long lasting effects. The first session brought many emotions to the surface, as was expected. However, the second session resolved those emotions and I have had a general sense of calm and 'centeredness' that I haven't experienced for quite some time. Even with a significantly stressful work environment at the moment, and pressure from a hectic, chaotic schedule, I have felt far more calm that I expected to - so much that I have wondered at it! I am sure that additional work will help me continue to resolve issues with patience and other challenges I continue to face."

female - age 52

"When I met Nikki, I was new to energy work & readings, and wasn’t sure I could benefit from what she had to offer, but I was wrong. With Nikki, I felt love and encouragement.  She takes her capabilities seriously and only wants the very best for anyone she works with. She has a beautiful gift in that she can read and see things you may already know are there but are unable to access for whatever reason. Her readings have left me feeling very emotional yet ready to confront issues and begin my journey to healing.  One particular encounter touched on something I struggled with for years and brought me a sense of peace I didn’t even realize I needed. Nikki accepts and honors each person for who they are and that is unique in itself.  I believe she is a blessing to all who know and work with her.  I hope to continue on my journey with her assistance and insight."   

female - age 40

"Nikki is an amazing woman and her psychic abilities are spot on. Everything she said was true to my life and while I knew many of the things she said, her saying them aloud made a profound impact. I know that recognizing my issues is the first step in making progress towards healing."

female - age 35

"I was very impressed with Nikki's mediumship abilities during my reading. I highly recommend her! She is one of the few psychics that can tap into true psychic impressions and not wander off track, or impose her personal belief system in her message. This is a rare gift, and one highly valued when choosing a psychic medium. Nikki is authentic, compassionate, fun loving and ethical. She is clearly a channel to serve the greater good."

female - age 56

"Prior to my session with Nikki, I had been battling a stress headache. Less than halfway through my session, my headache was gone and I felt much more peaceful and relaxed. I plan to see Nikki on a regular basis."

female - age 70

"I’ve been at a crossroads in my life and full of stress, anxiety and headaches. I booked a session with Nikki and have been overjoyed with the results. Nikki was able to make me feel very comfortable and relaxed. Her calming nature put me at ease right away. She has a true gift for helping others and I strongly recommend Nikki to help you with grounding, relaxation, insight and growth."

female - age 50

"Nikki's warm and inviting presence makes me feel very comfortable around her. She is a strong teacher with a very unique gift. She reached out to me (at exactly the right time) and had a message for me that confirmed everything I was feeling and offered some advice that was extremely helpful. I highly recommend seeing her if you are in need of some guidance or support!"

female - age 29