Aunt Bea's Apiary, Inc.

In an effort to expand awareness about the plight of pollinators, my husband and I established a 501c3 non-profit educational organization and bee sanctuary in 2013. We keep a number of hives with the highest ethical standards using no chemical medicines and very little disturbance to the colonies. We embrace natural beekeeping practices and take utmost care of our hives. All pollinators should be cherished and celebrated and we teach this in our educational center for families & children located in Auburn, Ne.

I believe deeply in the healing power of bee spirit medicine, and credit my work with bees and nature as a catalyst in the opening of my intuitive abilities. In my small community, I'm often called "the bee lady" by children on the street. As the daughter of a conventional farmer, I work very hard to bridge the gap between environmentalists and the hardworking men and women who grow our food. The conversations are not always easy, but vital in protecting our planet for future generations.

You can visit our website to learn more about our mission or to schedule a bee tour or field trip. It can be strictly informational or educational in nature, or we can assist you in creating a healing experience through an afternoon of nature immersion. Our bees are always happy to assist.

Aunt Bea's Apiary